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2 Inch Wide Narrow Toggle Switch Plate Covers

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2" Thin Toggle Switch Plates

2 inches narrow single toggle switchplates for covering 1 toggle switch in a compact location where wall plate sides are blocked by obstructions.


  • fits an industry standard toggle switch device
  • made in USA
  • UL listed
  • 2" W x 4-1/2" H x 5/32" D
  • custom configuration - only produced in metal (no plastic)
  • 2 matching 1/2" screws
  • covers a standard 2" box - note: extra narrow electrical box does not exist

Q & A

Do I need a narrow electrical box to go with these narrow switch plates?
No. Standard electrical wall boxes are 2" wide and are recessed into the paneling, Sheetrock or plaster. Narrow light switch covers are typically needed when there are obstructions (moulding, cabinetry, tiling, etc.) butting up against the wall box or slightly covering it. The narrow switch plate will fit into the tight space between obstructions, covering the exposed part of the box. Consult an electrician regarding codes for your installation.

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Product Reviews

  • A
    A. Bomzer Verified Buyer
    25th May 2021
    2 Inch Wide Narrow Toggle Switch Plate Covers

    arrived as expected perfect for my needs great product

  • A
    Anonymous Verified Buyer
    3rd Jul 2020
    Narrow toggle switch plate cover

    This item was perfect and Kyle switch plates was the only place I could find it. The size, color, quality, customer service all amazing.

  • A
    Anonymous Verified Buyer
    21st Feb 2020
    Just what I needed

    I have a very narrow door border with a light switch . The cover was old and rusted looking. I measured it and found this one which fit perfectly. Shipping was fast!

  • A
    Anonymous Verified Buyer
    6th Feb 2020
    This solved my problem beautifully.

    This is so perfect. The idea that an affordable & extremely high quality alternative to standard light switch covers are available to solve the issues door woodworks & artwork pictures is remarkable. Quickly shipped. Perfect

  • A
    Anonymous Verified Buyer
    30th Dec 2019
    Love it!

    I bought this 2" switch plate for a stairway that had a plastic "cut off" plate at the top of the stairway. The toggle switch was too close to the wall after the stairway was finished with pine slats. The cut off plate drove me nuts but this metal plate fits perfectly and looks great. Just what we needed!

  • W
    watson387 Verified Buyer
    11th Sep 2019

    I bought a house that has tile on the kitchen walls that runs to one side of a switch box but doesn't continue on the other side. They had a plastic cover that was cut on one side and looked like crap. This cover fits perfectly.

  • K Verified Buyer
    30th Dec 2018
    love this product

    We have a 114 year old house and several light switches were installed in odd places. I always hated the tin plate covers that were there but could never find the right size until now! Our order was processed and delivered so quickly. Now the light switches blend in like they are supposed to. Will definitely order from this company again!

  • K
    Kim Ketelsen Verified Buyer
    27th Dec 2018
    Little beauties!

    We just redid our basement in a 1961 house. Two switches were oddly installed in a concrete block wall -- too close for regular plates, two far apart for a two-switch plate. The local big box store didn't have a solution. But you guys did. And not only do they fit, but these plates are beauties. Thank you!

  • M
    Michelle Harper Verified Buyer
    15th Oct 2018
    So glad this exists!

    We had a poorly placed switch right at the edge of where a backsplash would go in our kitchen. Didn't realize the placement was off until the backsplash was started. This switch kept my kitchen from looking dumb! The plate came quick and is high quality.

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