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Touchplate TPS-0120 120V Low Voltage Transverter

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Touch-Plate TPS-0120 120V low voltage transverter is an updated replacement component for vintage Touch Plate lighting systems installed between 1946 and 1985. This transverter power supply for relays directly replaces original Touchplate TVR-1 low voltage transverters (or the 78K1 transformer and 17C converter combination low voltage power supply in homes built before 1957).


  • 3-5/16" W x 2-3/4" H X 1-7/8" D
  • primary voltage: 120 VAC @ 20 ma power requirement
  • secondary voltage: 28.5 VDC at 28 ma (0.028 amp) output
  • 1.2 VA Class 2
  • made in USA; 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • TPS0120 is the current replacement for old TVR1, 78K1 & 17C and works with both the 3000 and 3000-PL relays

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Q & A

Q: Before installing my transverter, I tested it and got a reading of 40 VDC. Is this OK?

A: An initial voltage reading of 40 VDC is normal on these new transverters that have been produced since about 2008. A typical unit has an output voltage of 40-45 VDC when tested alone. (If you are receiving a low reading, be sure your meter is set for DC, not AC. It should have a rating of 28.5 VDC at a minimum.) When tested with a load on it (meaning when it's connected to the system), the voltage will drop down to the mid-30's VDC. The higher voltage is not a concern though. The relays will still respond appropriately and the system will not be damaged.

The difference between these new and improved transverters vs. the older models is that they now have a built-in thermal capacitor that automatically shuts off the unit if it starts to overheat (for ex. because a switch is sticking). These models are much more robust and will not fail right away if a stuck switch occurs. (Original units would overheat and then fail due to a stuck switch). This helps prolong the life of the transverter as much as possible with systems containing original switches.

Note that the original Touch-Plate systems require 28.5 VDC to operate; any lower voltage, even 28.0 VDC, will not be sufficient to switch the relays. However, it was typical for even the original transverter to have a range of 28.5-35.0 VDC.

Q: My old transformer is marked 3 VDC, 3.33DC, .33A. Can I replace it with this transverter?

A. That marking is the switching voltage, but the normal output is 28.5 VDC. Most likely this TPL-TPS-0120 is the transformer you need. If you have any doubts please contact us about sending a photo of your parts and panels.

Q. All of the pilot indicator lights have gone out on my panel. Would this be the replacement for that transformer?

A. The pilot light transformer only powers the bulbs in the pilot lights. There are no replacements for these units (PL-6, PL-120, PL-277, PL-201, PL-301, TPS-2001, TPS-2003, TPS-2003, TPS-2004), so if you need pilot light functionality you would have to upgrade your system.

Q. The wire colors on my old transverter don't match the new one. How do I know which wires to connect?

A. If your old transverter wires are marked with "switch" and "relay", then match them up to the wires on the new transverter. If they aren't marked, then you will have to follow the wires because there was no standard for wire colors. In the relay enclosure, see which wire coming from the transverter connects to every relay - this will be your "relay" wire. The other wire will then be your "switch" wire.

Q. How many relays can I connect to one transverter?

The transverter powers the relays one at a time so there is no maximum number of relays that can be connected to it.

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  • A
    Anonymous Verified Buyer
    14th Nov 2013
    It fits and it works

    The brown and white wires (relays/switches) were reversed, top to bottom, from the original equipment that this part replaced, but everything worked fine when connected. It was exactly the same dimensions as the part I was replacing and fit into the cramped cabinet.

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