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Touch-Plate ZoneZ Universal 16-Relay Low Voltage Control Panel

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Want to update your old 1950's, 1960's or 1970's low voltage Touchplate panel with a cleaner, easier to use box? The new Touch Plate Universal ZoneZ is designed specifically to retrofit any existing Touch-Plate relay panel installed from the 1940's through the 1990's. The new panels arrive fully assembled and include new relays, power supplies and transformers. Also features new LED control, Master "all ON" or "all OFF" function per group of 8 relays and electronic stuck switch protection. Compatible with all contact closure Touch-Plate switch units, and can also be used to upgrade 3-wire low voltage systems such as Remcon, GE and Bryant.

These American made relay boards are designed to fit most existing panel locations, which will save on material costs and labor. Easy to install and includes a 1 year warranty and 3 years free phone support. These panels are assembled per order, with a 2-3 week lead time. These MADE TO ORDER relay panels cannot be returned or exchanged.


  • sixteen 20 amp 2-wire electronically held relays
  • LED control for stations with LEDs
  • Load types: Incandescent, Fluorescent, LED, magnetic low voltage, electronic low voltage
  • each relay can support up to 1920 watts
  • includes 120 volt built in transformer
  • power: 120VAC or 277VAC primary voltage
  • environment: 0-140 degrees F (0-60 degrees C) non-condensing atmosphere
  • 21.5" long x 14.25" wide x 3.75" deep, estimated - please confirm current size if mounting in tight area
  • basic & master on/off control per 8 relays
  • electronic stuck switch protection
  • UL recognized relays
  • dimmers can be substituted for relays
  • future upgradeable to smart control/timing with purchase of Time-keeper panel and re-programming of control board
  • compatible with all 5000, Classic, Genesis, Ultra, Eclipse, Mystique and Royal Touch Plate series
  • Nema 1 enclosure with hinge and key lock; # 16 U.S. gauge steel; indoors only
  • includes 1 year warranty & 3 years phone support
  • made per order in the USA, 2-3 week lead time
  • previous part number ZONEZ-LT-L-71-16RP or ZNZLL-20120-16RP

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Q & A

Is the ZoneZ easy to install?
Yes, the ZoneZ can easily be installed. An installation manual is included with each ZoneZ system purchase. There is a section (page 11) that addresses upgrading an existing system. Most electricians can figure it out no problem. An electrician is needed to perform the upgrade. Some homeowners have done it themselves, but since there are high voltage connections to deal with (voltage that can cause harm), we recommend having a local, certified electrician perform the work. The ZoneZ relay panels are very basic, it̢??s not very complicated but rather time consuming. A low voltage upgrade includes a lot of wire management, and depending on the state of the existing system, that can either be a simple process or one that takes hours. The concept of the ZoneZ system and how it works is an easy one, once the general understanding of low voltage control has been realized, the ZoneZ product lines are very easy to use.

I see that these ZoneZ relay panels are LED pilot light compatible. I have the old Touch Plate pilot light switches that are not LED lit, they have the standard red bulb. Will my old pilot light switch units still work with this new panel?
All existing non-lit switches are fully compatible with an upgraded system. The only switches that require a replacement at the time of an upgrade are those with lighted buttons/pilot lights. The original stations used pilot lamps or bulbs and these are not compatible. All lighted stations need to be updated to the newer styles that use LEDs. The wiring run throughout the house can all be reused. Please note, you don't have to use the LED feature of the relay panel; if you have all un-lit switch units there will be no compatibility issues. But having LED compatibility on the relay board will allow you to easily upgrade to LED pilot light switch stations in the future should you decide to do so.

What is the master "all ON" or "all OFF" feature?
The Master ON/OFF allows for one button to control all of the lights. So, at night before going to bed, the homeowner can push the Master OFF button and turn everything off as opposed to having to manually press each individual button. The Master ON is normally used only for a panic/security feature. With one button press, the entire home could light up. The Master ON/OFF works for each group of 6 relays. However, the Master ON/OFF̢??s can be grouped by running a wire between the terminals on each board. This would allow you to have an overall Master ON/OFF for the entire system. The purpose of this is to give an ease for the customer with control. The older Touch-Plate systems could not group, so there was one button for each light in the home. Many homes have a master control station that could have between 6-60 buttons.

I have a 3 wire low voltage system, but have converted a few of my switch locations to Touch Plate. Could I upgrade to the ZoneZ?
A 3-wire system, such as Remcon, GE or Bryant, can upgrade to the ZoneZ Series. The wiring in place throughout the home can be reused, no re-wiring is necessary. Instead of using the 3-wires at each switch location, only two will be used. The third wire is unneeded and can be left disconnected, or you could possibly add another button to the control station or an LED status. The important thing to know is that when a 3-wire system is upgraded and converted to 2-wire after upgrading to ZoneZ, only one switch is needed per light location. Touch-Plate switches will then work as momentary ON/OFF buttons like they are designed to do. However, if you previously bought and installed a 4 button Touch-Plate to replace your 2 button GE or Remcon, after upgrading to the ZoneZ all 4 Touch-Plate buttons will function as momentary On/Off, rather than 1 button is On and a separate button is Off. If you are planning on updating to ZoneZ, do so at the same time as switching all of your 3 wire units to 2 wire Touch Plate since there is a savings involved when the switches can be used as momentary. A 1-button switch is cheaper than a 2-button.

Are the switch/pilot inputs dry contacts?
Yes, they are dry contacts. Common outputs put out voltage.

I see the relay panels are sold in quantities of 6, 12 and 18. I only need 14, what would I use?
If a customer needs 14 relays, they would need to purchase the 18 relay panel and they would just have 4 spare relays.

How many watts can each 20 amp relay support?
Each 20 amp electronically held relay can support 1920 watts, as long as each relay has its own feed from the breaker panel.

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