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Touch Plate Low Voltage 3000-PL Pilot Light Relay

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Install Touch-Plate's 3000PL low voltage mechanical latch relay as a direct replacement for discontinued 1550-BPL, 2500B-PL or 4000-PL relays. These 4-wire relays plug into your panel to provide latching functionality for 2-wire momentary switches.



  • 2 wire low voltage system
  • 3000-PL plug in pilot light relay (see the TPL-3000 if your relay does not have a plug end)
  • 1.65" H x 1.98" W x 2.75" with 7" lead length
  • 1.75" H x 1" diameter cylinder; overall height from bottom of black base to top of cylinder is 2-3/4"
  • cylinder is offset on base; center of cylinder is 9/16" from long edge (non-terminal side, back edge in photo) and 3/4" from the short side (left side in photo)
  • includes 1" I.D. x 1/2" thick rubber grommet shown in photo
  • Coil Specification Power Requirement: 0.044 Watt-seconds pulsed 28.5 VDC at 0.020 seconds minimum to 1.100 seconds
  • Coil Specification Resistance: 7.2 OHMS + 10%; Duty cycle: 50% at 1 second max. rate
  • 120/277/347 VAC 20 amp contact rating
  • 1.0 HP 125 VAC, 20 A 125 VAC Tungsten
  • 1.5 HP 250 VAC, 20A 277 VAC Ballast
  • maximum operating temperature 65 degrees Celsius
  • auxiliary contact rating of 1 amp at 30 volts, Tungsten
  • loads connect into terminal block on relay; maximum wire size #10 AWG; low voltage leads end in .156" center female module connector (yellow plug)
  • 3000 PL constructed of silver alloy
  • 3000-PL relay base was 1" larger than older models
  • designed for use with incandescent pilot lights (non-LED)
  • white plug at end of wires makes it easy to connect to the circuit board in CPS and RCP systems
  • to use with pilot lighted switches in older systems from the 1980's onward that used a pilot lighted relay
  • to replace the 1550-B or 2500-BPL relays, cut off the white plug and strip down a small portion of the wires to allow for individual connections
  • was also a replacement for the pilot light 4000PL relay which has also been discontinued
  • made in America; 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • ETL and CSA listed

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Q & A

Q. My old relay has two wires coming out of the cylinder and another two coming out of the bottom. Which wires do I connect to install this replacement 3000PL relay?
The two wires on top carry the low voltage so those connect to your switches. The two wires near the bottom connected to the high voltage wires coming out of your wall. These newer relays have screw terminals so it is much easier and safer to install - no need to twist and cap off them with wire nuts. Note that the screw terminals on the base are the same (not polarized) so it doesn't matter which terminal you attach each wire to as long as one is connected to the high voltage line and the other to the switch leg wire. (It DOES matter how you connect the two wires at the top.)

Q. Can I use this relay to replace a regular 3000 relay?
A. Yes, you can if you cap off the two yellow wires separately, either with wire nuts or electrical tape. The red and the brown wires are used to operate the relay and these wires are polarity sensitive. The brown wire is the relay common and needs to connect to the brown wire of the transverter. The red wire of the relay needs to connect to the wire at the switch (not the switch common but the wire controlling the specific button).

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