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Kidswitch Toggle Light Switch Extension Handle

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Kid Switch long extender handle puts light switches within easy reach of toddlers and children, plus adults with limited reach or in a wheelchair. Features a friendly, smiling crescent moon at the end that can be easily grasped by both kids and adults.


  • Packages of one, two or three extension handles.
  • Handles add a 12" extension onto toggle light switches that flip up and down.
  • Extenders mount over standard toggles on wall light switch plates.
  • Easily installs using included mounting screws and bushings.
  • 13.75" x 3" wide and made of off-white molded plastic that glows in the dark (green color).
  • Has been consumer rated a #1 Child Safety Product. Parenting - Mom Tested. As seen on TV.
  • Teaches children the importance of energy savings, encourages independence, and aids self-sufficiency in potty-training.
  • Great gift idea for new parents, too.

Kidswitch Used With Dimmer: If you want the ability to dim the lighting in a room that uses this switch extender handle, we recommend the Leviton Toggle Dimmer. Read Kidswitch Toggle Handles And Light Dimmers for an explanation with photos why it can only be used with certain dimmers.

Wanting to lock a toggle switch in the on position such as for a motion light? Shop our Decorative Locking Plate for Toggle Light Switch Wall Plates.

Q & A

How far is the toggle switch to the bottom of the Kidswitch moon?
It is about 11.5". Because toggle switches are not set at a standard height, you will need to measure the distance from your toggle switch to determine if your child can reach it.

How large is the opening for the toggle switch?
The opening is 11/32" wide by 13/32" tall with a snug fit on regular toggles.

Will it fit a Lutron Toggle Dimmer that has a preset lever on the side?
Because the Lutron dimmer toggle is slightly narrower, the Kidswitch handle will fit over the toggle, however it moves the preset lever on the side up and down within the middle range as the handle is pushed. Because only the toggle itself turns the lights on and off, the lighting level will always be at a midrange dimmed setting with the Lutron devices.

Will it fit a Leviton Toggle Dimmer that adjusts lighting by moving the toggle up and down to the desired level?
Yes. Leviton's toggle dimmers are narrower than a standard toggle switch so the Kidswitch handle will easily fit over it. And because you adjust the lighting level by pushing it up and down, you will be able to change your lighting level.

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