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GE RCS Low Voltage Wall Switch Plates Info & FAQ

This durable spec grade series of low voltage switch plates was designed for use with GE's line of RCS low voltage switches from the '70s as well as in off-grid electrical systems (boats, motorhomes, RV's). Available in a modern stainless steel finish, these wall plates may work with Anderson Power Products and are regularly stocked at Kyle Design, a reliable resource for hard to find low volt lighting devices and wall plates for vintage remote control wiring systems.

Info About Spec. Grade RCS Low Voltage Series Wall Switch Plates


History and Background: Many brands of low voltage wiring systems were produced for midcentury houses built during the 1940s, 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. Manufacturers of these setups included GE, Remcon, Amprobe, Touch-Plate, Sweepe, Sierra and Bryant. These companies have mostly limited production, discontinued their product lines or simply have gone out of business. We stock the hard-to-find, currently manufactured lines that can be used with these older low voltage electrical wiring systems.

RCS Spec. Grade Low Voltage Sizes: Specification grade low voltage plates for GE's RCS rocker switches have the largest openings of our low voltage series with rectangular openings that are .906" tall by 1.25" across for one, two or three devices.

Compatibility: The low voltage switch plates shown are typically used mounting straps with RCS low voltage rocker switches or with battery hook-up clip-in devices similar to the example in the photo (Anderson brand).

Descriptions and Explanations of Low Voltage Wall Switch Plates


Kyle Design is your best resource for buying low voltage switch plates online. We help you determine which ones are compatible with your current setup through detailed descriptions and comparison photos. In addition, all of our switch plates have UL approvalplus we offer the widest range of sizes and finishes at great prices. We even offer a volume discount when you buy 6 or more switchplates.

What Size Do You Need?: Whether you are trying to retrofit parts in a remodeled older home, are making changes to a recreational vehicle or boat, are building an addition, or are installing a low volt wiring system in a new project, please review the information here to determine which series is best for your electrical wiring situation. We want you to be confident that the plates you buy are the ones that will fit.

Dimensions: These low voltage plates and devices were first manufactured in the early 1960's. Choose this series of switchplate covers for low voltage wiring systems that were installed in U.S. homes in the second half of the twentieth century or if purchasing for certain current brands of electrical setups for off-grid homes, RVs and boats. Specification grade low volt wall plate holes are 1.25" W x .906" H, spaced 1.75" apart center to center on the two opening plates. (Note that while Anderson battery system switches can fit into these openings, the devices do stick out a bit from the plate. In addition, because of the flange around all 4 sides of each Anderson device, they will not fit into the 3 stack coverplate.) The triple device plate in this series has a single block opening that is 1.25" W x 2.656" H.

Installation Notes: It is NOT a Decora GFI Rocker plate used in modern homes. This is a specialty size for low voltage systems only. Nor is it a Sierra Electrical Biplex Triplex receptacle wall plate. How do you tell the difference? The corners on the spec. grade plate are sharp right angles unlike true Decora plates which have radial (rounded) corners as do the Sierra Electric outlet covers. Size of opening is slightly different as well (Decora opening is slightly wider and shorter at 1.312" W x 2.625" H).

Comparisons: If the sizes above don't seem to relate to the system you currently have installed in the attic or basement of your home, then we recommend reading through our detailed descriptions of the most popular low voltage systems to determine which system you have. By checking the wall switch plate opening sizes, screw hole positions, strap/no strap usage and orientation of your current setup, you'll be able to figure out which series you currently have. Find more information about vintage mid-century low voltage systems and brands at Low Voltage Electrical System Comparison.

Low Voltage Wall Plates & Lighting Devices: Click Low Voltage Switch Plates and Electrical Switches to buy all low volt wiring switchplates, transformers and switches.

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