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Where can I buy a 2-way switch? Or do I need a 3-way switch?

3 Way Switches

3-way switches turn on 1 light from 2 locations, so that may really be what you are wanting to buy.

Two way switches are specialized devices commonly used for heavy industrial machinery (and which we don't carry - check with the equipment manufacturer) but are commonly requested by mistake.

Although we sell many types and brands, here are some links where you can purchase three way toggle switches, 3 way rocker switches, 3-way push button switches, three-way Despard switches, or even 3 way pilot lighted switches for example.

Many low voltage light switches and slide dimmer switches are manufactured with wiring to use as either a single pole or 3-way light switch.

4 Way Light Switches

4-way switches turn on 1 light from 3 or more locations, in case you were wondering.

Shop electrical light switches and outlets to easily find the 3-way light switch with the color, amperage, and features you need.

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