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Stainless Steel vs. Nickel Wall Switch Plate Finish Comparison

Nickel vs Stainless Switch Plates

Our satin brushed stainless steel switch plates are made to look great among your stainless kitchen appliances in a home or restaurant kitchen, or in a garage, workshop or industrial environment. They're commonly installed in businesses, hospitals and schools as well.

In the image here, a stainless steel plate is held up next to a satin nickel finish switchplate.

The nickel plate is a warmer, yellower tone in color with a smoother, less brushed look that you'll see in stainless steel appliances.

Compare Nickel and Stainless Steel Cover Plates

This close-up image shows a brushed aluminum plate stacked on top of a stainless and nickel cover plate.

Aluminum plates are the lightest finish, and are made of .050" type 5052 alloy.

Both our residential grade (.030" type 430 stainless steel) and industrial grade (.035" type 302) stainless steel faceplates are very popular sellers.

Compare Stainless Steel & Chrome

Polished chrome switch plates are very reflective and have a smooth finish with a slight showing of horizontal grain.

Stainless steel covers have a vertical grain on lower gang plates (1- and 2-gang) and a horizontal grain on higher gang plates (3+).

Industrial vs Residential Stainless Steel

We carry 2 different weights of satin stainless steel faceplates.

The look is exactly the same - both are "satin" or "brushed" stainless steel.

Choose the 430 Stainless finish (.030" thick) for your home - in a kitchen remodel, wet bar, or garage workshop.

The 302 Stainless finish is slightly thicker metal (.035") and is for industrial use - commonly chosen for hospitals, schools and restaurants.

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