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Pushbutton Light Switches & Wall Plates - FAQ

Size and descriptions of old fashion Push Button switch plates with links to stocked metal finishes.

Do your pushbutton switches work with LED lights?

Yes. Our forward phase push button dimmers have been successfully tested with LED light bulbs from Cree, Philips, Utilitech, Sylvania, Fiet Electric, EarthLED, and OSRAM. Please note the LED bulbs must be 8W or greater to avoid flickering and other issues, although 10W+ might be better. Other LED bulbs and fixtures may work successfully, too, but would require testing on your part. Some issues have been reported by customers with LED ribbon lighting, with the bulbs dimming to 15 to 20% then no longer dimming or shutting off completely. When using LED's in a multi-bulb light fixture or controlling multiple lighting fixtures with a single dimmer, all LED bulbs/fixtures must be from the same manufacturer or you will experience issues. We suggest using Cree LED light bulbs as those worked the best with our push-button dimmers.

Can these pushbutton dimmers be used with LED Can Lights? 

These forward phase dimmers should work with any fixture or can light that is LED dimmable compatible with the exception of color-changing LED versions. Can lights from Halo have been tested with good results, for example. Given the number of options available, it is difficult to know for sure if the dimmers will work with any particular LED light fixture including can lights simply based on their specifications. We recommend testing the dimmer with the fixture to see if the parts are compatible before buying or installing units for all locations. If you install a dimmer and it fails after a few days, your bulbs are likely not compatible. Note that all fixtures or can lights on a circuit would need to be the same model from the manufacturer and use LED dimmable bulbs that are 10W+. Testing one light should be enough to determine if they are compatible. Having multiple units on the same circuit will not affect the results as long as the maximum wattage for the dimmer is not exceeded. The functionality of the dimmers is same aside from the wattage maximums. The only difference between 600W vs. 300W and trimmed 400W vs. 200W units will be the maximum wattage they can control: if one pushbutton dimmer version works with a particular set of bulbs and fixtures the others will also work.

Can I use these Pushbutton dimmers with magnetic low voltage light fixtures?

No. Push button dimmers are not rated or listed for use with MLV transformers or lighting fixtures. Customers who have attempted to do so at their own risk have experienced problems. We recommend not using push-button dimmers with magnetic low voltage installations.

Can Push Button dimmers be used with ELV fixtures?

No. Because these forward phase dimming switches haven't been rated for use with ELV fixtures, it's try at your own risk - we highly recommend consulting an electrician. If you wanted to test it the dimmer would have to be placed before the transformer in the circuit, but it still likely the dimmers won't work properly if using with an LED bulb fixture.

Can pushbutton dimmers be used with 0-10V dimmable LED fixtures?

No. The dimmers cannot be used with 0 - 10V dimmable LED lighting fixtures.

Can Classic Accent switches be used in 250V systems?

Classic Accent has sent switches to Australia, New Zealand, and England which all use the 220-250 Volt systems. Although there have been no customer reports of issues using the switches, Classic Accents cannot guarantee they will work. It is important to emphasize that the switches are listed and rated for 120 Volt 15 amp systems and the circuit cannot be any higher than 7.5 amps. We recommend discussing your plans with a licensed electrician to ensure the safety and reliability of your lighting setup.

Can the 3-way push-button switches and dimmers be used as single pole switches?

Yes. All you need to do is cap off one of the red traveler wires on the back of the dimmer, or not connect one of the terminals on the standard 3-way switch (and cap off the wire coming from the wall).

Can the push button switches and dimmers be used with ceiling fans?

It depends on ceiling fan and how it functions. If it is a simple ON/OFF ceiling fan a standard push button switch should work fine. If the ceiling fan has speed controls on the fixture itself (usually with a pull chain) then the basic switch should still work to turn the unit ON/OFF. If the current ceiling fan switch controls speed the push button light switches cannot be used as a substitute.

Push button dimmers cannot be be used to control ceiling fans.

How do the buttons work?

Typically, dimmer controls are installed with the on/off button on top and fader knob on the bottom, but it can be installed with the dimmer on top if preferred. This way, you can pre-set the dimming level, then just push the top button on and off.

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