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Kyle Switch Plate Pricing and Promotions

Thank you for shopping Kyle Switch Plates, a remarkable online source for hard-to-find light switch plates & electrical components.

Many of our customers find us while searching online for solutions for covering their light switches and outlets. Our goals is to help you find the switch or cover plate that you haven't been able to locate in a store locally. At Kyle Switch Plates, we focus on providing exceptional customer service and produce hundreds of custom products that can't be purchased anywhere else.

Offering creative solutions to a business' or homeowner's electrical cover problems is our specialty. Learn more by reading our customer testimonials.

We strive to offer a wide range of solutions to tricky switchplate situations and stock only the highest quality products so customers like you can solve whatever odd cover plate problem you're dealing with.

Since our goal is to help you find solutions to fit your home's needs, we keep our pricing fair and reasonable, so no discount or promo code is needed. We do not currently offer discount promotional codes (nor have we ever). Many other websites claim to have special coupons or promo codes for, but these are all false. Examples of these fake coupons may include the following:

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We encourage you to visit our informative Tips & Solutions page to learn more about our creative fixes, whether it be narrow switch plates for your board and batten project, oversized plates that cover holes in your drywall or combination covers in just the right finish.

We value and appreciate your interest in Kyle Switch Plates, and hope you'll give us a call if you're not finding just what you need while browsing our site.


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