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Is there a GE RR8 relay replacement? RR6? RR4?

GE Pilot Relay Part Numbers

The new GE RR9 relay is the replacement for the old RR8, RR6, and RR4 low voltage remote control relays for pilot lights. Note that the pilot light RR6 solenoids pushed into a bus bar - see the RR9 product page for modification instructions. These relays can be used to power switches with internal light bulbs to indicate when a light fixture in another room is on. (Note that you must have the additional wiring in the wall - 5 wires are required.) These can be used to replace General Electric, Bryant, and possibly the narrow Sierra Electric relays (if there is enough room.)

See Low Voltage Relays and Transformers for other models.

Tags: RR-8, RR-6, or RR-4.

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