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I installed my switch (outlet, dimmer, etc.) but it isn't working.

Most likely, the problem is a simple wiring issue that can quickly be resolved. Rest assured, all electrical devices are certified in good working order by the manufacturer prior to shipping. If you install a device and it is not working properly, you must contact the manufacturer directly to help troubleshoot the problem.

Their technical support representatives will walk you through the installation process to determine if the device has been properly installed. (Many devices are quite tricky to install correctly.) This quick and easy check typically resolves the majority of issues. If it is determined that the device was installed correctly, follow the manufacturer's instructions to receive a replacement device. Here is a list of our manufacturers:

   * Cooper Wiring Devices - TX 866-853-4293
   * GE - General Electric - CT 800-435-4448
   * Hubbell Wiring - CT 800-288-6000
   * Leviton - NY 800-824-3005 (8:30 a.m. - 7:30 p.m. M-F EST)
   * Lutron - PA 800-523-9466 (Technical Support 24 Hours/7 Days 1-800-523-9466)
   * Pass & Seymour - NY 800-611-7277
   * Touch-Plate Lighting Controls - IN 260-426-1565
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