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Find Stuck Low Voltage Remcon Switches

Find Stuck Low Voltage Remcon Switches

Is your Remcon low voltage switch sticking? Or is the relay broken? Not sure? Get tips for finding stuck Remcon low voltage switches in an older home plus easy solutions once you do. Review our low voltage installation guides so you can shop with confidence when it is time to buy low voltage relays & replacement parts.

Identifying Whether You Have a Broken Remcon Switch or Relay (or Both!)

How It Works

Each switch in a Remcon low voltage electrical system is connected to its own relay. (Note that Remcon systems are different from most other low voltage lighting setups in that the relay is actually dual-purpose device with a relay and transformer combined into a single unit.)

Swap Switches

If some switches are working and some are not, the first step is to try swapping a working switch into the location you think might have a stuck switch. If it doesn't work, then you know the issue is the switch and you can explore upgrade options.

Tip: If you have switches out in multiple locations, try consolidating all working switches onto the same switch plate or for connecting to the same relay. 

Broken Relays

If the switch does work, you know that the problem is the relay on the non-working circuit, and you can buy a replacement Remcon relay.

Note: if you are replacing a mechanical-latching relay (solenoid type with cylindrical body) with the new solid state relays, you will need to replace all the relays on that circuit with the same type (mechanical vs. solid state) relay.

Replacement Solutions

We recommend replacing Remcon switches with Touchplate's low voltage switches for safe, reliable light switches that come in a variety of styles and colors.

See Low Voltage Lighting Solutions to find replacement parts for most vintage low voltage wiring systems. We'll help you identify what brand you have, let you know what is still manufactured, and provide upgrade paths.

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