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Low Voltage PIR Occupancy Sensor Wall Switch GE - Ivory

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Enjoy energy savings and convenience with GE low voltage PIR occupancy sensor wall switches. This indoor auto on/off motion detection switch uses passive infrared (PIR) technology to control lighting. The sensor lens uses temperature changes to identify when room is occupied or vacated. These GE low voltage occupancy sensor wall switches have PIR segmented lenses to divide up a room into sensor zones where it can detect changes as people or pets move through zones within the location. These motion detector light switches are so sensitive they need only detect a hand or a foot, to ensure that lights stay on when needed. Enjoy no-hands control of light fixtures by setting the occupancy sensor to automatic ON and OFF - lights will come on when the room is occupied and will turn off if no activity is detected after a predetermined period. For even more energy savings, set the light sensor switch to manual ON mode: once you push the button to turn lights on, they will remain on for a preset time only while the switch detects activity. Each occupancy sensor switch can work with up to four GE RR-7 or RR-9 relays (or two Sierra 1070-B relays) that were installed in homes with low volt wiring from the 1950s through the 1980s. The contemporary decorator shape allows it to fit any Decora light switch cover.



  • Passive infrared (PIR) technology for temperature-based motion detection
  • Works as a standard on off light switch (push on, push off) or as a motion-activated auto on/auto off switch
  • Inputs: 24VAC±10%Maximum current needed is 25mA per sensor (1VA max for each sensor)
  • 7VA max for each GE RR7 or RR9 relay (if using in Bryant system, update relays to GE versions)
  • 8.5VA max for each Sierra 1070-B relay
  • Outputs: Half-wave rectified 24VAC for 300ms pulse for driving up to 4 GE RR-7 or RR-9 type relays or up to 2 Sierra 1070-B type relays
  • Includes plastic wall plate and mounting screws - can fit any decorator wall plate opening
  • Isolated Form C Relay Ratings: 1A 30VDC/VAC
  • Time Delays: Self-Adjusting, 15 seconds/test (10 min Auto), or selectable 5, 15, 30 minutes
  • Daylighting feature prevents the switch from turning on lights if natural light is already bright enough in the room
  • Walk-Through feature maximizes energy savings by not leaving the lights ON after a momentary occupancy (20 seconds maximum) 
  • For indoor use only; temperature range 32° F –104° F (0°C–40°C); relative humidity range of 20% to 90% non-condensing
  • Major motion coverage of 1000 sq.ft. with minor motion coverage of 300 sq.ft.
  • Designed for rooms up to 300 square feet as tested according to the NEMA WD7 guideline
  • 0 to 200 foot-candles lighting levels
  • Dimensions: 4.195" H x 1.732" W (106.553 mm x 44 mm)for mounting bracket; 2.618"Hx1.752"Wx1.9"D(66.5mmx44.5mmx48.26mm) for switch housing
  • Red LED indicator light for PIR detection
  • Can be installed in any standard single gang box in the same manner as an ordinary wall switch
  • Automatic ON/Automatic OFF - lights come on when motion is detected; lights automatically shut off once room is vacated per preset time period
  • Manual ON/Automatic OFF - push the button to turn on lighting on; lights automatically shut off once room is vacated per preset time period
  • GE WIR-10-RR7-D-V; ivory occupancy sensing Class 2 device
  • made in America by General Electric
  • UL listed

Shop for Low Voltage Switch Plates and Electrical Components for all low volt switches, yokes, and wall plates. 

The sensor may be interfaced to an energy management system that accepts either a normally open or normally closed dry contact via the sensor’s Form C relay. The sensor includes self-adaptive technology that continually adjusts to conditions by adjusting sensitivity and time delay in real-time. By adjusting sensitivity and Time Delay automatically, the sensor is maximizing the potential energy savings that are available in the particular application. In tracking mode, the sensor will switch the lights ON when it detects a person entering the area. If the sensor lens doesn't detect continuous movement for 20 seconds following the initial activation, it will automatically go to a shorter 2 minute time delay.

Tracking mode allows the load connected to the Form C relay to follow the state of the sensor’s blue lead. HVAC mode allows the load connected to the Form C relay to remain ON when the lights are turned OFF manually such as when wanting to maintain the room temperature when giving a presentation with the lights OFF.

Installation Notes: If you are installing this light sensor switch in a new wall box, choose the a location that can give you the maximum coverage of the occupied area. If you are replacing an existing light switch, keep in mind that the sensor lens has to have a clear line-of-sight for any area you with to cover. For best results, avoid installing the switch in locations where it would detect motion from persons walking down hallways or moving around other rooms.

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